This tutorial guide will walk you through the steps to setup Scorpio Media Server Feature.


  • Download Scorpio Media Server App, click link to download -> Link
  • Download Scorpio Player From Microsoft Store
  • Setup Scorpio Media Server
  • Start Stream Your Media Content To you Scorpio Player
After install Scorpio Network Streaming App for Windows you should be see this

In order to use Scorpio Media Server you need to know what your PC IP Address is for example,, or your can listen to every network use, and listen to port default is 3320, your are free to change it if you want, then select root folder to Share you media content, this folder should include Folders and Files, sub folder in this version is not support. click Start blue button button, if your see listening on port, you are good to go!

like this:


Start Scorpio Player...


Click Scorpio Media Server


Type in your Local IP Address Or your Computer Name


Select and Click your favorite Video Start Streaming. So easy!


If any chance you like this feature, give us your 5 Star Rating or feedback, if have any question please contact us.

What’s for ?

SCORPIO+ Your next-gen private streaming platform. take control of your personal media library.

Host your own private media server and automatics categorize Movies and TV Series using this software.

SCORPIO+ Media Server first release for Windows 7/8.1/10/2012R2+

Where to Get ?

imageRun it.image


About the config


SCORPIO+ Media Server supports attach multiple folders by include multiple JSON format property “SPFS_FOLDERS_{yourfoldername1}”

for example above “SPFS_FOLDERS_fs” and map it to target folder you want to expose to.


the server listen to local port and IP address, recommend value is for the IP


It is highly recommended that you media server is expose to the internet so that you SCORPIO+ iPhone app or Android app or Xbox or Windows PC can access easily.


the database for media library