Do you want to enjoy your media files with subtitles that match perfectly? Do you want to control your app permissions and choose your default media player? If yes, then you will love the “Load Subtitle Config” feature in Scorpio Player.

This feature lets you:

  • Automatically load subtitles that have the same name as your media files. No need to manually search and select subtitles every time.
  • Match subtitles with close names using the Levenshtein technique. This is a smart way to compare text and find the best match for your media files. You can adjust the text comparison level to suit your preference.
  • Access system app permissions and set the default media player. You can manage how Scorpio Player interacts with your system and other apps. You can also choose Scorpio Player as your preferred media player for a smooth playback experience.

This feature is available on UWP platforms, with specific settings and options tailored to each platform. On UWP, you need a minimum version of 2.10.1218.0 to use this feature.

The “Load Subtitle Config” feature is designed to give you a seamless and personalized subtitle experience, enhancing your media viewing and playback capabilities. Try it out today and see the difference!


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